What the world needs right now is

The mark you're going to leave on it.

Let that sink in. Make it your business mantra, because it's true.

You might never feel "ready," but you'll know when it's time. You in?

The Branding Buzzword of the century:


The "magic bullet" every brand seeks.

It's no secret that— these days— authenticity sells. But, here's the thing.

The typical brand strategy dips into *just enough* authenticity, then manufactures the rest by creating a conglomerate of ideals they commit to sticking to, come hell or high water.

Or, at least the latest Tiktok trend.  😉

Not only is this exhausting (regardless of what type of business you have), it's expensive. Some lucky companies take decades of trial and error (read: loads of money) to find their "authenticity," based on what sticks over that span of time.

Small businesses like ours don't usually have that luxury. The best news you'll hear today:

You don't have to wait to reap the benefits of brand authenticity.

You can start right now, and it's right under your nose.

I'm ready. Let's talk.

You want to

You are on the cusp of .

but not at the expense of their results... or your sanity.

So, what gives?

Your relationships? That’s an easy no.
Your nights and weekends? Preferably not.
What about the quality of your coaching? LOL, very funny.

Operations, then? While it can help, your ultimate solution is not process automation. 

And, it's definitely not in hiring a bunch of people, either.  Not yet.


If your resources are empowered but firing in different or wrong directions, they will bury your plans and goals faster than you can attain them— and cost you a LOT of money to fix. (Hello, burnout— my old friend.)

There's a better way. You've got this!

Let's Agree on

What a brand is and is not.

Your brand is where the Essence of your business meets the Experience of your business. Our work is to define that intersection, to create a brand that is distinctly yours— from top to bottom, for all who encounter it.

Long before any pretty pixels are created, there's an unspoken concentration of energy at the core of your efforts. It has its own gravitational pull that longs to inform every element of your business.

This means that despite the common vernacular, a brand is not:

Your Logo
Your Color Palette
Your website copy
Or your photography

Your brand has an opportunity to be so much more.

The secret = what We reverently call

Your Unique Force.

Unique Force

| ˌyo͞oˈnēk | fôrs |   Noun

You are This; The one-of-a-kind essence, combination of traits, behaviors, sense of purpose, direction that comprises the infinite power that you are.

Learn to channel it, and discover these truths:

You are an innately powerful leader.
Your capacity to connect & impact is exponential + Effortless.
Your team Can easily be unified in heart, Focus, & effort.
Your energy & time are freed to make that mark.
When consciously applied...

You will be positively unstoppable.

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Work With Day Studios

Option 1

Brand Strategy Foundations

Time frame: 1 month

We'll take you through Dana Spano's proprietary Unique Force Method to develop a brand that genuinely connects.

*Design not included. You can either add on design services with us— or take to any other gifted designer once we have your brand strategy set. We find this is a great plan B for our budget conscious clients.

Full Foundations, Creative, and Design Strategy package available, starting at $8,000.

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Option 2

Brand Clarity Coaching

Time frame: Weekly sessions for 1 month

This is the best way to make sure your strategy is doing what it needs to do.

Whether you have mindset work to do before you brand (highly suggested!), have an existing brand that just needs a little TLC, or you want Dana to walk with you through your new brand rollout, we've got you.

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Option 3

Agency Add-on Services

Time frame: Based on project scope

Day Studios can create any and all graphical assets you need once we develop your Brand Strategy + Aesthetic. On-brand, and beautiful.

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Intuitive. Evolving. Honest.

Brands created to foster organic human connection.

A few examples of clients who are thriving with their Day Studios brands:

Featured Client

Proov: pioneers in the Fertility Industry

Founded by Dr. Amy Beckley & Ellen Schell

Read on, as Proov founders Amy and Ellen do a full takeover of this testimonial page.

Testimonial takeover >

Kind words

From our rockstar clients
"Seriously, thank you! We freaking LOVE our new brand. The whole team can’t stop talking about it!"
— Shane Cox
Founder, Qball/PEEQ Technologies
She takes the time to listen to your feedback, no matter how small, and her work product shows the virtue of her process, the dedication of her time, and her overall talent in design. Dana has said over and over again that she wants you 200 percent happy when it comes to your brand, and she really means it!

It was such a pleasure to work with someone so professional, kind and talented on my brand guide."
— Kelsey Abbruzzese
Solopreneur + Copywriter Extraordinaire
ZZ Ink
“I've worked with several branding professionals over the years, and Dana is a step above.
Working with Day Studios on our logo and branding was easy and very satisfying. They took the time to really understand our business and specialty market, and translated that understanding into a cohesive branding package that is unique and professional.

I couldn't be happier with the process and results. I highly recommend working with them."
— Rory Swensen
Founder, Peak Medical
Meet our Founder:

Dana Spano

Hello, my friends! I'm so glad you're here.

After 10 years as a Brand Identity Strategist for companies in the Education, Wellness, and Eyewear spaces, I discovered a special place in my heart for Entrepreneurs who are driven to make their mark on the world.

And frankly, I couldn’t possibly have anticipated the need that exists for this kind of business owner: 

While big corporations are leaning far too heavily on branding;
Small businesses can lean on it so much more than they are!

So, that’s why I’m here. To help them leverage their single greatest asset: their own, unique personhood as a means of connecting with the highest compatible audience.

My proprietary methodology is designed to develop your business into a brand that people recognize, trust, interact with, respect, and revere…

Just like a big brand, but without the decades of trial and error.

Got 30 Minutes? Let's chat.

Together, we'll

-Close the gap-
between the experience of your brand


the experience of you.

This is how impactful brands are born— and how they can thrive long after we're gone.

Questions? Let's chat!

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