Hi, I'm Dana Spano!

And, I’m seriously so happy you’re here.

Figured you may want to know a bit more about me, since we may be working super closely together to make some magic happen for your business— setting a new standard of excellence for your entire industry.

On the Daily

I’m based in lovely Raleigh, North Carolina, where I live with my husband, Mike.

No fur babies (although my heart is always on the lookout!), and no actual babies either. Just us and some pretty spectacular business goals to achieve. <3

For any of you Enneagram / Myers Briggs / Astrology fans out there, yours truly is a 4w3 / INFJ / Leo.

Professional Background

At university, when choosing my major… I was in a pickle (like many students). I had 2 clear choices in front of me: 1) Graphic Arts/Media, or 2) Behavioral Science/Psychology.

I wanted to choose Graphic Arts/Media because it sounded WAY more fun. But, my gut said, “Nah. Behavioral Science, all the way.” So I went with it.

And, I’m so glad I did.

Ultimately, my love for Human Psychology and Graphic Design met and led me to the world of corporate Brand Identity Strategy. I’ve served there for the past 10 years as a Lead Strategist or contracted Creative Director for companies in the Education, Women’s Health, and Eyewear spaces.

But, a major issue has become apparent to me— with my background in the behavioral sciences— the ability to influence human behavior in the way my field does needs to be checked and balanced often, and with integrity. Unfortunately, it's common within the corporate world to overlook that, because of the high priority on sales and profit.  

Once I saw this, I couldn’t unsee it, and needed change, stat. I wanted to do work that mattered, in an industry where humans’ wellbeing was paramount. Full stop. 

That’s when I discovered the coaching and thought leadership industries, only to discover that there is an incredible opportunity to guide these entrepreneurs to establish the makings of their very own empires.

And then, I realized... I can't leave my industry behind. There is a revolution happening here, and I’m ecstatic that my life’s work— the proprietary methodology I’ve developed— can help bring about this massive elevation and evolution.

My personal philosophy:

Life is Exquisitely Beautiful.

If I could tell you anything about me, it’s that I love living life as this Dana person. 

I’ve come to cherish that with all my heart, and I’m so grateful for it— because that hasn’t always been the case. Life has a funny way of bringing us our most profound lessons, doesn’t it? And, for me—  they’ve all led me to where I need to be… and that’s right where I am, now.

We’ll have to swap stories over coffee or cocktails, but some of my most valuable life happenings have been the most pivotal:

  • Losing my mother to leukemia when I was 4 years old
  • Growing up in a very large, Mormon family of 10 children (it’s a long story! I did say cocktails, didn't I? lol )
  • Married at 20, divorced at 32 (And now getting remarried at 34!)
  • Navigating a faith transition— left Mormonism behind to find my own strength, voice, and beliefs
  • Finding Spirituality— meditation, yoga, continuous/radical acceptance and surrender
  • Career pivot— seeing the toxicity of corporate marketing and choosing a more conscious way
My non-negotiable values:

Love, Trust, Acceptance, Joy, Belief, Fear (yes, fear— dare you to ask why!), and Grit.

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Our Studio philosophy:

Humanity is Everything.

At Day Studios, our foundational belief is that each human is the blueprint to their own success.

That, our own, authentic humanity— the distinct, one-of-a-kind way we each move through the world— is the perfect blueprint for building a business that thrives with us, not at our expense.

I've designed my methodology to help my clients find what I call their “Unique Force”— their innate personality and energy— to leverage their authenticity into a brand that not only connects like crazy, but informs their entire way of doing business.

"But, what does this have to do with branding?" I can hear you say. To which I'd respond with, "Everything."

There's a common misbelief that a brand has to do only with aesthetics, or how a potential customer might differentiate your business from the one next door. The essence and strategy behind all of that matters, a lot.

Branding as we know it today has become an exercise in manufacturing authenticity in order to Frankenstein together a believable-enough brand for people to buy into whatever it is we’re selling. I don’t know about y’all, but this sounds more like manipulation than it does marketing (which doesn’t have to be the same thing!)

Isn't it true, that there's a different feeling tone to a brand that's genuinely authentic and one that's posturing? The world has enough of the latter.

When we approach business in this authentic way— aligned, and standing in our own two shoes— we are able to make our offering to this world from a pure place; one that doesn't burn out, doesn't shrink or puff up in the face of challenge. We are free to do our life's work and serve those we were born to serve.

The "Unique Force Method" utilizes all kinds of tools to help humans hone in on their humanity:

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The good news is,

Branding with humanity pays off.1

9 / 10
consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its humanity
would recommend a Conscious brand to others
Would pledge loyalty to a Conscious brand
would invest in a brand that proves its authenticity
"The rules of communication have irrevocably changed, and we're seeing consumers reward brands that understand how to engage with them openly and honestly."
—Donna Imperato, CEO,  Cohn & Wolfe

your brand + Business will [seriously] level up.
Are you ready?

so ready. Let's Talk!