Audit + Strategy+ Design


1. Your Unique Force Report

This is your dossier that served as the foundation for the strategy process. This is a super cool, abnormally nuanced glimpse into the magic you hold as a human being, providing insights into yourself you likely hadn’t considered before— and how to make the most of those in your business. Your truth will set you (and your business) free.

Founders and Soloists alike benefit from this in their businesses— and beyond.

Your Official Brand Guide

This is the Mother of documents, Breaker of strains, Queen of Queens… you get the idea. This is the single most valuable document you will ever circulate within your business, or to any creative hire who works on your business. Use it to get all cylinders firing, and all wheels pointed in the right direction. The collective, company-wide alignment will be unstoppable.

Your Official Brand Guide pdf will clearly outline and illustrate Strategic and Creative Foundations, including your Unique Force (and how to apply it in your brand), values, purpose & promise, visual equities, and so much more.

Our #1 favorite piece of our brand guides is where we outline your 2-3 Highest Compatible Target Audiences based on your Unique Force.

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Brand Clarity Coaching with Dana

Continued Brand Clarity is within reach. Weekly.

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The method behind the magic:

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Work With Us

Option 1

Brand Strategy & Design

Time frame: ~8 Weeks (average)

- We'll take you through Day Studios' proprietary Brand Clarity framework to develop a conscious brand.
- Deliverables: Official Brand Guide & any other assets you need to get off to a winning start.

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Option 2 (Stand-alone or Add on)

Brand Clarity Coaching

Time frame: 3 month stint

This is the absolute best way to make sure your strategy is doing what it was built to do.

Whether you have an existing brand that just needs a little TLC, or you want Day Studios to oversee your New Brand Rollout process, we've got you.

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Option 3

Agency Add-on Services

Time frame: Based on project scope

Day Studios can create any and all assets you need once we develop your Brand Strategy + Aesthetic. On-brand, and beautiful.

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"Forget about creating the perfect brand.
Focus instead on infusing your brand with your unique humanity, and watch the magic happen."

— Dana, founder of Day Studios