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A Note From Dana

Hi there! First— I'm so happy you're here.

You're in the right place if you're looking for someone who can guide you to bring your unique authenticity to the fore in order to connect with your customers and clients— whether you're more behind the scenes, or the face of your business.

I’m not playing when I say every piece of your business will be positively affected by a brand strategy that is designed for true authenticity— from hiring decisions to content creation.

It's not haphazard when your brand orbits around a centralized core— it's Brand Clarity. And, I can't wait to help you find it. For some, that starts with mindset work. For others, it's consultative work they just need pointers on.

Can't wait to find out how I can help you. Let's get your magic out into this big, beautiful world.


What to expect

- Free 30-minute consultation
- 1:1 coaching with Dana each week for 4 weeks (50 minutes)
- Curriculum catered to you and your stage of business— where you are and where you want to go
- Design isn't included, but I can help you with how to interface with your chosen designer
- Brand Clarity. Period.

Investment: $2,500

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The method behind the magic:

Meet Dana

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"Forget about creating the perfect brand.
Focus instead on infusing your brand with your unique humanity, and watch the magic happen."

— Dana, founder of Day Studios

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