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If you met me on the street, you might not know that I'm an introvert. A profoundly reflective, deep-feeling, people-loving... introvert.

I don't love people because I gain energy from them, the way extroverts do. I love people because of the good they can do, cause, and be in this world. I love people for their humanity, for their imperfection. I love people because they have a propensity to desire to grow, progress, and thrive.

Through my years in Brand Identity Strategy, I've come to love the process of co-thinking, strategizing, encouraging, and thriving with people as they seek to build their businesses— finding ways to artfully bring humanity to each brand I've built. Connecting with people in this way is incredibly rewarding to me, because I get to use my gifts to better their world and the world of those who engage with their brand.

So, when I learned there was a breed of high-caliber human out there known as "Coaches" and "Consultants" who have also a career of co-thinking, strategizing, encouraging, and thriving with other humans (without medicating or diagnosing them), something told my heart that these were my people.

And then I realized how crucial it is for coaches and consultants to find their people. All too often, client mismatches happen because "it's just not a fit." To me, this means human thriving and progress is put on a shelf.


What if we could skip all of that? What if my area of expertise can help yours?

I genuinely feel that if a coach or consultant can adequately express their essence and their message through their brand, they will attract the right clients.

If this sounds like something you're up for, reach out or even schedule a free consultation. It's never a bad time to reach the people you were born to help.

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