Launching any new business is challenging...

Being new to coaching AND new to business is a lot.

It's tempting to reach first for a logo, professional photos, fonts, colors, and a website for those things to live on. We're here to help you resist that urge.

Right now— of all of the important aspects of business building— how your brand LOOKS is the least important part. Tricky, since it's the easiest and most accessible part to get wrapped up in because you want to be perceived as legitimate. We all do.

But, looking legit will only get you so far. That's the easy part, and will happen in due time. Focus instead on:

Establishing 1) How your brand expresses and 2) Whom it serves, so you can gain real traction.

These are the foundation of your brand, and what should dictate your offers, how you do business, and ways to continually align with your core purpose— all of which are essential to your ability to thrive as a coach and build a practice you love, on purpose.

Yes— this is branding! And it needs to start ASAP.

You can achieve this through years of trial and error, and eventually land in a pretty cool place if you survive to tell the tale. The stats indicate that (sadly) most don't.


You can brand our way. :) Our smart method brings the 7 C's of Strong Brands to your sprouting practice: Concise, Clear, Cohesive, Consistent, Communicative, Connected, and Conscious.

When it's time to level up (which you will, many times over!), you will have already been building your big-picture brand intentionally— from the very beginning.

With our method:

There's no need to start over if you pivot.

No "rebrand hamster wheel" that plagues coach after coach (after coach).

Let’s get you up and running (and keep it that way!) with The Strongest Start.

You ready?

I was ready Yesterday.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

We like to keep things simple around here. Here's how to get rolling on Your Strongest Start!

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embodies your truth.

It defines and embodies truth for the sake of progress, authenticity, and genuine connection.

Manipulation tactics have no place here. (Adios, sleazy-feeling sales.)

empowers your decisions.

It brings laser focus to your business, your brand, and the contribution you've set out to make.

Your offers, your marketing, your everything will be affected.

Loves to level-up.

No matter where your coaching journey takes you next,  you'll have a brand foundation that was built to support, welcome, & integrate your evolution.

Say "Hello" to brand continuity, and "Goodbye" (forever) to total rebrands.

New Coach Intensive:

Your Strongest Start
Fly-by Overview

Long-term brand clarity in 5 glorious days.
Embodied Foundations + Training Brand
(Full strategy, minimum design)
+ 6 Months of 1:1 Chat Support
I'm ready. Let's go!

Walk away with:
Brand Integrity foundations that light your path to an always-purposeful practice.

Scroll this page for more details.

  • Unique Force Method 1:1 Coaching
  • Brand Foundations Only
  • Essential Design Specs + ready-to-use Elements
  • Option to extend to 10 days if a slower pace is preferred
  • Option to add on Creative Services
Project Details:

How it Works

First off.. why 5 business days?
Because, we believe you shouldn't have to wade through years of trial and error to succeed in business— Not when a strategy like ours exists. That said, if you feel you'd benefit from a longer time frame, we're happy to extend to 10 business days.

We've seen the clarity that comes from deep Brand work, and we see no good reason why new coaches can't have it, too.

Dana will walk you through The Unique Force Method to develop the brand foundation you'll need to get off the ground and headed for a deeply fulfilling practice.

You'll walk away knowing exactly how to start expressing and embodying your brand from the get-go by laying down roots that will define the culture of your brand from here forward— regardless of where your journey takes you next.

Truly— while design assets are minimal with this option— we'll lay the strongest possible foundation for your brand. Not just for a year or two, but for the entire lifespan of your practice... and save you from all of the tactical lever-pulling and stress sweats.

This project has 3 phases with 3 deliverables:

1 of 3:

Your Unique Force Report

This is your dossier that serves as the foundation for your lifelong brand evolution.

It's an abnormally-nuanced glimpse into the magic you hold as a human being, providing insights into yourself you likely hadn’t considered before— and how to make the most of those in your practice. Your truth will set you (and your business) free.

2 of 3:

Your Official Brand Foundations Guide

The Mother of PDF Documents, Breaker of Branding strains, Queen of Embodied Queens… (GoT, anyone??)

Your Official Brand Foundations Guide will clearly outline and illustrate your Unique Force (and examples of how to apply it in different areas of your business); Founding Mission; Purpose and Promise; Values "Board of Advisors;" Brand Integrity Pillars; Exquisite Fit Audiences; Brand Personality Profile; and Voice and Tone guidelines.

This is the single most valuable resource you will ever use within your business, or to pass along to any creative hire who works on your business in the future—

Because it outlines in plain language & data visualizations how to authentically replicate YOU.

This is especially valuable for you if you're flying solo.

We've learned that it's invaluable to see ourselves objectively and have our strategy down "on paper" so that we can use it as our North Star when we inevitably get distracted by:

- What other coaches are doing
- How our mentor's brand looks
- Trends that sweep through like wildfire
- Worrying we're not saying it right because— well, crickets. (no one's enrolling)
- How much we want to burn our business down on a particularly hormonal Tuesday...

You get the picture.

Use your Guide to get all cylinders firing— all wheels pointed in the right direction... in a way that's

Built to support, welcome, & integrate your inevitable growth and evolution.

The goal is to establish and embody your authentic brand, starting at the earliest possible moment.

3 of 3:

Your Training Brand Elements Guide

Design-wise, we'll define the essential elements to begin expressing and embodying your Unique Force through your brand elements:

- A simple, but psychology-based color palette
- 2 font pairings
- Imagery guidelines
- Shapes and lines
- Motion guidelines

Remember— the power is in the strategy and letting your brand live through your business first, because your aesthetic WILL change from here. It's all part of the plan, and all accounted for.

Serious traction is on the way!

Payment plans available if needed. Deposit required to get on the books.
Not a new coach? We've got you Covered.

Your Strongest Future:

Brand Integrity Strategy & Design for Practicing Coaches

Walk away with palpable purpose, laser focus, and an embodied brand that’s distinctively yours— from foundations to aesthetics— and for the lifespan of your practice.

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One game-changing method, 3 Thoughtful Services

Everything We Offer

Unique Force Method Essentials

Your Strongest Start

New Coach Intensive

Work with Dana to walk through the Unique Force Method to develop the most essential brand assets to get you off the ground.

While design assets are minimal with this option, we'll be laying the strongest possible foundation for your brand, for the entire lifespan of your practice.

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Unique Force Method Complete

Your Strongest Future

Practicing Coach Level-up

Work with Dana to walk through the Unique Force Method to propel your practice into your next stage of success.

We'll be laying the strongest possible foundation AND creative direction for your brand, for the entire lifespan of your practice.

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Unique Force Method At Play

Creative Studio

À la carte add-ons to any project

Our team of capable creatives is happy to dream up any and all assets you need— all based on your Unique Force report and Brand Integrity Guide.

Whatever supports your fullest expression, Day Studios can create OR Creative Direct it.

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Meet our Proud Founder:

Dana Spano

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"Forget about creating the perfect brand.
Focus instead on constantly infusing your brand with your unique humanity, and watch the magic happen."

— Dana Spano, founder of Day Studios