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Dream Coach Brand Identity
with Dana

In order to attract your ideal clients (the ones you know you can help the most) you need a brand that broadcasts your authenticity to connect with them from first sight.

You are the magic that will draw them in, speak to their soul, and show them that you're their person. That's precisely what we'll aim to express as we create your brand.

We will bring clarity and alignment to not just your brand visuals, but your entire coaching practice.

3 Key Objectives:
1: Establish Strategic and Creative Foundations 
(Brand Purpose + Promise, Position, and Core Values;
Brand Personality + Archetype, Messaging, and Tone/Voice Guidelines)

2. Design Visual Equities
(Logo, Secondary Marks, Color palette, Patterns, Textures, Unique graphic style, Typography, Website Calls to action, Social Media applications, and more)

3. Package Up for Convenient Reference + Use
Any graphic designer, marketer, or you (if you're DIYing for now) will have the tools to represent your brand accurately and consistently. Simply follow the guide, and you'll be set.

You'll receive:
- 4 Coaching/strategy sessions with Dana, using her signature methodology
- 1 cohesive Brand Guide pdf you'll reference often to maintain the strongest brand and business possible
- 1 Google Drive folder, stacked with ready-to-use brand elements

Project Time Frame:
1 Month

Project Cost:
(50% due to start; 50% at project's end)

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New Coach Essentials
with Team

If you're just getting started as a coach, you might not have your whole approach nailed yet. That's completely okay!

It takes time and experience to know just how you want to show up. But— that's no reason to not show up with your best foot forward from day 1.

1 Key Objective:
Cover your brand identity essentials to get your practice off the ground

You'll receive:
- A kickoff strategy call with Dana, then our capable team will handle the rest!

- Logo Design + ready-to-use files
- Purposeful color palette  (+ the psychology behind it)
- Font pairing suggestions to use on social media, your website, business cards, etc.

Project Time Frame:
2 Weeks

Project Cost:
(100% due to start)

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"Your brand is only as strong as it is


— Dana Sorensen, Founder

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