Branded Assets

On-brand and beautiful assets to support your gorgeous new Brand Identity
What is it?
Collateral that's sure to shine
Average Project Timeline*
12-14 Weeks
*rush rates available

Who Branded Assets are for

Our talented team is up for the challenge of creating whatever branded assets you need, such as:

Digital Assets, from Websites to Podcast Covers

Websites, Apps, Advertisements, Social Media Graphics, Presentations, Courses, Motion Graphics, Emails, Stock Photo Libraries, Voice Over Recordings, + more

Print Assets, from Billboards to Business Cards

Branded Stationery items, Magazines/Catalogs, Advertisements, Mailers/Fliers, Swag/Promotional items, Brochures, Posters, Apparel + more

You have a beautiful brand...

Now, you just need to share it with the world.

Why our method works

We don't offer our Branded Assets to just anyone.

We consciously offer them only to clients who have already undergone a branding project with us. This allows us to stay purposeful with our time, energy, and attention— 3 of our most precious resources— focusing them clearly on the people we've committed to support.

Sound like something your business needs?
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Lots of Designers can build a beautiful brand.

What makes Day Studios different?

All designers are taught that personality is a helpful factor to consider when creating a new brand… but they aren't given in-depth methods or training to incorporate it with real purpose.

The majority enter the workforce capable of creating an unquestionably nice-looking brand; some figure out how to employ textbook personality traits or personas fairly well; but few truly "truly get it," leaving the customer with a brand identity that will likely need to be revamped in a few, [very] short years.

You deserve better.

Enter: Day Studios… founded on Dana's passion for psychology and personality, she established a method for translating personality into a living, thriving brand and business (patent in progress), and will soon teach other designers how to employ it as well.

We believe that human-based brands and assets connect like no other brands can— and those connections can help humans be better, more loving humans.

Let's brand you.

Our Branded Asset process

The process for a Branded Asset project typically includes the following phases:

1. Discovery-

We'll create a Scope of Work to define what success looks like for the project and create an overall game plan— including timeline and budget.

2. Proposal Approval

Day Studios will provide a proposal based on the Scope of Work. If all looks good to you, we'll each sign it and can then dive into the project.

3. Branded Asset Creation

Our talented team will get to work creating your branded assets. Depending on the asset, you'll have up to 3 rounds of revisions in order to ensure we get it just right.

4. Approval + Handoff

Once we finish up, we'll provide any applicable files you'll need in order to have the most success with your new, beautifully designed asset.

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