New Brand Creation

Whether you're launching or starting again, we're here to build a beautiful brand from scratch.
What is it?
Brand identity, built lovingly from scratch
Average Project Timeline*
12-14 Weeks
*rush rates available

Who a New Brand Creation is for

A Day Studios New Brand Creation is perfect for Businesses or Solopreneurs who are:

Starting a new business

You've got a brilliant idea. You've proven the concept. But, you also recognize that you don't have time to waste, and need a professional brand strategy and identity in order to succeed. Lucky for you, we've mastered our methodology for developing lasting brand strategies that can evolve along with you over the years.

Need a total overhaul on their current brand

When something isn't working anymore, sometimes you have to start again. We're here to tell you that that time wasn't wasted— we can utilize it to gain clarity and formulate a new direction for your new brand. By the time we're through, you'll have yourself a brand you can be proud of.

No matter the phase your business is in,

Brands that connect start here, at Day Studios.

Why our method works

We get you started off on the right foot. Not every entrepreneur is so lucky as you'll be— setting out from the get-go with a brand that effectively communicates and truly connects.

We specialize in boiling down the most important elements of your personality, passions, business, values, goals, and so much more— all in order to create a brand that is uniquely yours, designed to withstand the test of time, and is laser focused on the things that matter.

This kind of internal alignment:

  • Is the catalyst for growth + success.
    (Focused businesses are strategic, streamlined, and holistically sound because every move is a purposeful one.)
  • Reflects authenticity and establishes greater trust— building rapport from first sight.
    (Authentic businesses establish the most meaningful, share-worthy, and long-lasting connections.)
  • Conveys a strong and cohesive message in every piece of communication, whether internal or client-facing
    (Businesses with clarity know where they're going, who they're talking to, and why. This kind of cohesion can't help but propel your business forward.)
  • And so. Much. More.
Sound like something your business needs?
Level up with us
Lots of Designers can build a beautiful brand.

What makes Day Studios different?

All designers are taught that personality is a helpful factor to consider when creating a new brand… but they aren't given in-depth methods or training to incorporate it with real purpose.

The majority enter the workforce capable of creating an unquestionably nice-looking brand; some figure out how to employ textbook personality traits or personas fairly well; but few truly "truly get it," leaving the customer with a brand identity that will likely need to be revamped in a few, [very] short years.

You deserve better.

Enter: Day Studios… founded on Dana's passion for psychology and personality, she established a method for translating personality into a living, thriving brand and business (patent in progress), and will soon teach other designers how to employ it as well.

We believe that human-based brands and assets connect like no other brands can— and those connections can help humans be better, more loving humans.

Let's brand you.

Our Brand Creation process

After officially booking, the process for a Brand Creation project includes the following phases:

1. Discovery-

We'll define what success looks like for the project, discover your needs, predict potential hiccups, and create an overall game plan. You'll share with us your research and we will also do our own, diving head first into your industry, target market, etc, so we can learn how to best position your brand.

Additionally, we'll work together to define your values, goals, and vision for your business as a whole. All of these factors (and more!) will play a massive role in landing on the perfect brand for you.

2. Personality Assessments-

We know this can sound scary. But, don't worry—Dana is not a licensed therapist (on purpose!), so we'll only focus on the key personality traits to use as a basis for your brand. While we won't be digging in to process childhood trauma, this phase does require some vulnerability on your part— a willingness to be seen and to share your personality with your audience. If that's not your thing, we may not be the best fit for your project. But if you are, that's where the magic happens!

3. Brand Strategy Foundations

We'll provide a report of our findings and a suggested direction, then segue into a highly-collaborative effort with you and any necessary stakeholders. After all, this will impact every piece of your business, so we'll need buy in from all of the key decision-makers. Once we're in alignment, we'll get into the design phase.

The Brand Strategy Foundations consist of:

  • ‍Brand Core: Story, Purpose, and Values Structure
  • Brand Personality: Personality Assessment Results, Custom Personality-based Strategy, Voice/Tone
  • Brand Positioning: Positioning Statement, Key Differentiators, and Competitor Analysis
  • Audience: Target Audience (macro level), Ideal Client Personality Profile (micro level), Consumer Buying Journey

4. Creative Foundations-

Day Studios will create a propose a Creative Strategy that visually supports and bolsters what we define in the Brand Strategy Foundations phase. Similar to that phase, the Creative Foundations phase will require your feedback and you'll have sufficient opportunity make any revisions to the proposed Creative Direction for your brand. 

We’ll address the Creative Foundations in 2 phases, which consist of: 

Phase 1:

  • Mood
  • Logo + Marks
  • ‍Color Palette

Phase 2:

  • ‍Patterns/Textures
  • Typography
  • Imagery

5. Brand Strategy Guide Creation

The Brand Strategy Guide is your new bible— the rule and guide book your brand will live by from here on out. It will contain all of our strategic and creative foundations for the brand, outlining in clear detail each aspect we've defined together. This is a crucial document, so that 1) You can refer to it often in order to maintain internal brand alignment, and 2) Anyone working in or on your brand can find alignment with it and play their part in maintaining all-important Brand Continuity. These might include:

  • Team Members— Henry Ford said, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” When all team members have easy access to your Brand Strategy Guide, they are empowered with a unified sense of direction and make sure your brand is always represented in the best light.
  • Coaches or Consultants— This Strategy Guide is a DREAM for coaches and consultants, because they will have an extraordinary foundation to start with. They'll be thrilled not to start on "square zero," and have invaluable tools to keep your momentum going. 
  • Investors— Imagine presenting a document to your investor that outlines exactly what your brand is, where and how it fits in your industry, where you're going, and how amazing you look doing it? Then, you'll get to show them the numbers that prove this strategy will work for you. It's like gold. And, it speaks volumes for itself... about the kind of business you're running and the capable person you are.
  • Design Professionals (or even DIYers)— Our Guides are easy to put into practice, whether by you (we see you, DIY queens!), our rockstar design team, or any graphic designer you hire once our time together is through.
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