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Your brand should feel as easy as breathing...

Life-giving to create, simple to maintain, and natural to evolve.

Building a business is no joke— there are enough hypotheticals and unknowns for any one person's lifetime.

We believe that Brand Identity doesn't belong on that list. And, we want to show you how.

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Option 1

Brand Strategy & Design

Time frame: ~8 Weeks (average)

- We'll take you through Day Studios' proprietary Brand Clarity framework to develop a conscious brand.
- Deliverables: Official Brand Guide & any other assets you need to get off to a winning start.

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Option 2 (Stand-alone or Add on)

Brand Clarity Coaching

Time frame: 3 month stint

This is the absolute best way to make sure your strategy is doing what it was built to do.

Whether you have an existing brand that just needs a little TLC, or you want Day Studios to oversee your New Brand Rollout process, we've got you.

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Option 3

Agency Add-on Services

Time frame: Based on project scope

Day Studios can create any and all assets you need once we develop your Brand Strategy + Aesthetic. On-brand, and beautiful.

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The Branding Buzzword of the century:


The "magic bullet" every brand wants.

Here's the thing. Most brand strategies involve inventing authenticity, and then committing to stick to that come hell or high water. Or, a new Marketing Director. 😉

Some companies take decades of trial and error (and loads of money) to find their "authenticity," based on what sticks over that span of time.

We're here to tell you:

You don't have to wait half a century to reap the benefits of brand authenticity.

There's a better way. And, it's right under your nose.

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Intuitive. Purposeful. Flexible.

Brand Strategies designed to foster human connection.

A few examples of clients who are thriving with their Day Studios brands:

Kind words

From our rockstar clients
"Seriously, thank you! We freaking LOVE our new brand. The whole team can’t stop talking about it!"
— Shane Cox
Founder, Qball/PEEQ Technologies
She takes the time to listen to your feedback, no matter how small, and her work product shows the virtue of her process, the dedication of her time, and her overall talent in design. Dana has said over and over again that she wants you 200 percent happy when it comes to your brand, and she really means it!

It was such a pleasure to work with someone so professional, kind and talented on my brand guide."
— Kelsey Abbruzzese
Solopreneur + Copywriter Extraordinaire
ZZ Ink
“I've worked with several branding professionals over the years, and Dana is a step above.
Working with Day Studios on our logo and branding was easy and very satisfying. They took the time to really understand our business and specialty market, and translated that understanding into a cohesive branding package that is unique and professional.

I couldn't be happier with the process and results. I highly recommend working with them."
— Rory Swensen
Founder, Peak Medical

Featured Project:

Proov: pioneers in the Fertility Industry

Founded by Dr. Amy Beckley & Ellen Schell

Read on, as Proov founders Amy and Ellen do a full takeover of this testimonial page.

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Featured Project:

Cionic: superpowering the human body.

Founded by Jeremiah Robison

Read on, as Proov founders Amy and Ellen do a full takeover of this testimonial page.

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Featured Business:

Qball - founded by Shane Cox

Chances are, you have heard of QBall from their segment on the hit TV show, “Shark Tank.” We’re sure you’re wondering if they landed a deal or not, and we’re proud to say that yes—they did! Three, to be exact. Read on to learn what Day Studios and Qball were able to create together.

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Brand with Humanity &

Watch Your Empire Grow.

Let's define what a brand is and isn't:

Your Logo
Your Color Palette
Your website copy
Or your photography
Although these are important, a brand isn't even all of these things combined.

Your brand must be so much more.

Jeff Bezos Said,

"Your brand is what people say about you when you're not in the room."

Juicy, right?

We say my definition’s even more accurate.

I say:

Your brand is the magic your business is made of, and people cannot help but notice.

Your brand is the verbal and especially nonverbal articulation of your value— manifested consistently, holistically, and consciously through every aspect of your business— including but not limited to aesthetics.

Met with unquestionable authenticity, sincerity, and humanity, this creates a synergetic power that's absolutely magnetic to the right audience, customers, clients, and staff.

That magic is found in YOU, and in your team.

You just have to know how to translate it, multiply it, and run with it.

Together, we’ll set a new standard of excellence for your entire industry.

The good news is,

Branding with humanity pays off.1

9 / 10
consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its humanity
would recommend a Conscious brand to others
Would pledge loyalty to a Conscious brand
would invest in a brand that proves its authenticity
"The rules of communication have irrevocably changed, and we're seeing consumers reward brands that understand how to engage with them openly and honestly."
—Donna Imperato, CEO,  Cohn & Wolfe
The method behind the magic:

Meet Dana

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1. Global Study from Cohn & Wolfe Defines Authenticity in the Eyes of Consumers and Reveals the 100 Most Authentic Brands