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Brand Elevation + Branded Assets

Read on, as Proov founders Amy and Ellen do a full takeover of this testimonial page.

Why Proov hired Day Studios

Amy: "We needed an elevated brand, and a one-stop design resource that would not just design a [standalone] box or website, but rather think about the whole picture and see the whole Proov vision. That’s why we went with Day Studios."


Ellen: "When we met Dana, we were still in the early stages of our brand. We had launched less than a year prior and had only been actively marketing for about 3 months.

Our website frankly didn’t look “legit” enough for the type of product we were selling – an at-home urine test proclaiming to provide important information when trying to get pregnant. It also didn’t explain well enough how the product was different from existing tests in the market. This was hurting our sales."

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After Day Studios

We *love* our new website and app!

Day Studios has handled the vast majority of our product packaging design, too.

New and "improoved" brand guide.
Does that "model" look familiar? Dana has handled Proov photoshoots and even modeled for them.
The Proov Product Family (including the app!)

Amy: "The brand has grown so much. Our product line went from 1 product to over 7. Day Studios has been able to turn a one trick pony into a well designed brand family. I think the brand evolution and messaging Dana has contributed has had a huge role in this. I mean the website re-do was an amazing unlock for us."

Ellen: "In just the first month after we launched Dana’s updated design (the first time, 2 years ago), our website sales doubled!  As of October 2021, we're over 20X sales on our website vs. before we started working with Dana! We just completed our new site, and can't wait to see what that does.

Our vision is to go well-beyond the Trying to Conceive Market to Total Hormone Health. Dana has helped us craft a path to do so and shape the brand as we’ve grown and evolved. Beyond the website, she has helped craft brand strategy and guidelines, done all of our packaging, our companion app product, and another updated website that recently launched (October 2021).

Last comments from Amy and Ellen

Ellen: "Proov would not be where it is today without Dana. I think her brand visioning and thoughtfulness around design systems and strategy is critical, especially when brands are in their infancy. You are a true gem, Dana."

Amy: "The only thing I don't like about Dana is that she won’t agree to be our full time employee. =) (I get it, and not trying to get you to change your mind, Dana.)"

Kind words

From our rockstar clients
"Seriously, thank you! We freaking LOVE our new brand. The whole team can’t stop talking about it!"
— Shane Cox
Founder, Qball/PEEQ Technologies
She takes the time to listen to your feedback, no matter how small, and her work product shows the virtue of her process, the dedication of her time, and her overall talent in design. Dana has said over and over again that she wants you 200 percent happy when it comes to your brand, and she really means it!

It was such a pleasure to work with someone so professional, kind and talented on my brand guide."
— Kelsey Abbruzzese
Solopreneur + Copywriter Extraordinaire
ZZ Ink
“I've worked with several branding professionals over the years, and Dana is a step above.
Working with Day Studios on our logo and branding was easy and very satisfying. They took the time to really understand our business and specialty market, and translated that understanding into a cohesive branding package that is unique and professional.

I couldn't be happier with the process and results. I highly recommend working with them."
— Rory Swensen
Founder, Peak Medical
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