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Brand Elevation + Branded Assets

Chances are, you have heard of QBall from their segment on the hit TV show, “Shark Tank.” We’re sure you’re wondering if they landed a deal or not, and we’re proud to say that yes—they did! Three, to be exact. Read on to learn what Day Studios and Qball were able to create together.

Why Qball hired Day Studios

Shane Cox, founder of QBall/PEEQ Technologies, truly built his company from the ground up. After a few years since crushing his segment on Shark Tank, Shane saw that his hard work was certainly paying off, but it was clear (to him and The Sharks) that his DIY brand was holding him back. He needed a brand identity that truly reflected the caliber of his product and mission— to ensure that every child's voice can be heard. So, we did just that! Using his existing logo as inspiration, we developed a super-fun brand; dreamt up a mascot, and created a robust collection of ready-to-use graphics anyone on his (non-designer) team could utilize.

Qball's look before...

You can see how— while they didn't look *terrible*— there was a lot of room to level up. Shane and the team felt like their look was too literally child-like, and wanted their brand to be able to play nicely with their target markets beyond the classroom— with events and corporations.

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After Day Studios

Their new brand is ultra colorful and vibrant— grabs your attention and strikes the perfect balance between playful and professional, just like Shane.

Shane had a list of branded assets he needed as he launched his new brand. This User Manual is one example, featuring the mascot, Query, dressed as a superhero. We kinda fell head-over-heels in love with Query as we developed his many personas.

Among the series of branded assets Qball needed along with the launch of their new brand were a sales brochure, business cards, T-shirts, packaging, and the user manual you saw above.

Qball Colors
As you can see... Query really did [speedily] become a favorite around here.

Kind words

From our rockstar clients
"Seriously, thank you! We freaking LOVE our new brand. The whole team can’t stop talking about it!"
— Shane Cox
Founder, Qball/PEEQ Technologies
She takes the time to listen to your feedback, no matter how small, and her work product shows the virtue of her process, the dedication of her time, and her overall talent in design. Dana has said over and over again that she wants you 200 percent happy when it comes to your brand, and she really means it!

It was such a pleasure to work with someone so professional, kind and talented on my brand guide."
— Kelsey Abbruzzese
Solopreneur + Copywriter Extraordinaire
ZZ Ink
“I've worked with several branding professionals over the years, and Dana is a step above.
Working with Day Studios on our logo and branding was easy and very satisfying. They took the time to really understand our business and specialty market, and translated that understanding into a cohesive branding package that is unique and professional.

I couldn't be happier with the process and results. I highly recommend working with them."
— Rory Swensen
Founder, Peak Medical
It's good to know from the get-go...

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