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What is real *is* marketable.

If one thing is for sure about Dana, it's that she's seen a lot of life so far.

From losing her mother at four years old (to Leukemia); grieving the estrangement of a stepmother; marrying at age 20 and divorced at age 32; navigating a Faith transition that sent her into what some might label an "identity crisis" (but that she calls an incredible awakening that initiated her journey out of deep misery); to undergoing the endless adventure of entrepreneurship when she was ready to walk out of the marketing world altogether— She's got a lot to say about the purposeful life we can build when we honor what feels true at our very core.

Upon following her gut and pivoting her business, Day Studios, to serve the Coaching Industry— Dana noticed that coaches are either leaning too heavily on branding; or— hardly at all. She attributes this to the trickle-down effect from mainstream marketing tactics that simply don't (or simply shouldn't!) translate to the Coaching Industry.

The culmination of her life challenges and marketing realizations inspired Dana to develop her own branding methodology, The Unique Force Method— which is designed to help coaches and purpose-driven entrepreneurs at any phase leverage their innate ways of moving through the world to build a thriving business that can evolve along with them and make meaningful connections.

Her hope is to prove that what is real, true, and genuine about us can not only be marketable— but can be the thing that makes us fall in love with our businesses, and do some incredible good for like-minded and like-hearted clients along the way.

Dana's superpower is in seeing people as they are, meeting them where they are, and helping them realize their dreams by working with the grain of who they are, not against it. She'd be honored to address your audience and help them find real-time clarity in any way she can.

Dana's non-negotiable values:

Love, Truth, Acceptance, Joy, Belief, Fear (yes, fear— dare you to ask why!), and Grit.

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