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The traditional approach to brand identity is too rigid to be a good fit for many entrepreneurs. It can be intense, expensive, and therefore intimidating to commit to— especially in the early years of doing business.

So, most will resort to building a professional-looking website, hoping that decent photography and a nice color scheme will be enough to attract their ideal client (who… if they’re honest, is starting to feel like some sort of imaginary friend). 

We help Coaches and Entrepreneurs transcend the traditional approach to brand identity by branding their Core— the parts of them that are less prone to change, leaving room for their practice or business to remain more fluid and dynamic as the years go by. The result is a brand that's rooted in humanity and functions as an extension of a themselves— operating in the background 24/7, bringing those elusive ideal clients out from the shadows and into the light of DAY.

Proud founder of Day Studios:

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"Forget about creating the perfect brand.
Focus instead on infusing your brand with humanity, and watch the magic happen."

— Dana, founder of Day Studios

Humanity Matters.

Our foundational belief is that humans are meant to realize their full potential and experience what it is to exist in their fullest expression.

This means embarking on the journey of becoming self aware, learning what it is that we have to share with the world,  defining how to share it, conjuring the courage to be seen (which may come with being rejected, ignored, loved, etc.)— then finding the humility to adapt as we learn and grow along the way. Rinse, and repeat. Being a human is no joke, and also the greatest game we'll ever play.

So how does this all fit into brand identity strategy?

At Day Studios, we believe that entrepreneurship is a perfect way to develop our self awareness and to connect with others on their journeys, creating far-reaching good and lasting change for all with whom we connect. We believe that all of this can be sparked and expressed by brand identity design that gets to the essence of who we are as humans.

We utilize all kinds of tools to help humans hone in on their humanity, and leverage their strengths to connect with others, improving lives in the process.

The good news for you is,

Showing humanity pays off.1

9 / 10
consumers are willing to take action to reward a brand for its authenticity
would recommend an authentic brand to others
Would pledge loyalty to an authentic brand
would invest in a brand that proves its authenticity
"The rules of communication have irrevocably changed, and we're seeing consumers reward brands that understand how to engage with them openly and honestly."
—Donna Imperato, CEO,  Cohn & Wolfe

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