The truth is:

There are innumerable ways to succeed in coaching...

But only one right way: The one that gives you life, not drains you of it.

This has everything to do with honoring and managing *your* energy within *your* unique business— on repeat— for the duration of your career in coaching. No pressure, right?!

This is no small feat, and it's precisely why so many coaches burn out or tap out much sooner than they had hoped.

To level-up consistently, you have to pare down intentionally.

This means discarding the unnecessary cruft (hype files, swipe files, templates, tactics, etc.). We do this by working with the grain of your innate way of being: your Unique Force.

Your Unique Force is the magic you bring to the coaching experience. Learn to lean on and leverage it for a profoundly connective brand, and a life-giving practice.

Self-awareness is essential to doing this well, and for the long term. Our work together is to define it into one cohesive and concise location so you have the tools to simplify, harmonize, and ultimately scale your entire practice in a way that's authentic to you.

Yes, this is branding. Branding our way, at least. :) Our method brings gorgeous graphics, sure— but mostly massive forward momentum into your next phases of success and beyond.

No more starting over. Instead, build a purposefully-evolving practice steeped in your embodied brand.

Let’s build Your Strongest Future. Together.

You ready?

I was ready Yesterday.

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embodies your truth.

It defines and embodies truth for the sake of progress, authenticity, and genuine connection.

Manipulation tactics have no place here. (Adios, sleazy-feeling sales.)

empowers your decisions.

It brings laser focus to your business, your brand, and the contribution you've set out to make.

Your offers, your marketing, your everything will be affected.

Loves to level-up.

No matter where your coaching journey takes you next,  you'll have a brand foundation that was built to support, welcome, & integrate your evolution.

Say "Hello" to brand continuity, and "Goodbye" (forever) to total rebrands.

Practicing Coach Intensive:

Your Strongest Future
Fly-by Overview

A fully-embodied brand in 4 weeks.
Brand Integrity Guide
(Full-suite strategy & design)
+ 12 Months of 1:1 Chat Support
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Walk away with:
Brand Integrity foundations that light your path to an always-purposeful practice.

(Scroll this page for more details.)

  • Unique Force Method 1:1 Coaching
  • Brand Foundations + Creative Foundations
  • Full Suite of ready-to-use Design Elements
  • Work with Dana + her Creative Team
  • Option to add on Creative Services (Learn more, here)
Project Details:

How it Works

We've seen the clarity that comes from deep Brand work. It's never too early or too late to benefit from it— whether a new coach or a seasoned coach.

Dana will walk you through The Unique Force Method to develop the Brand and Creative Foundations you'll need hit the ground running as you enter into the next phase of leveling up your practice.

You'll walk away knowing exactly how to express and embody the essence of your brand; laying down roots that will define the culture of your brand from here forward— regardless of where your journey takes you next...

Not just for a year or two, but for the entire lifespan of your practice... and save you from all of the tactical lever-pulling and stress sweats. Heaven knows you've seen enough of that.

Here's what we'll cover:

1 of 2:

Your Unique Force Report

This is your personal dossier that serves as the foundation for your lifelong brand evolution.

It's an abnormally-nuanced glimpse into the magic you hold as a human being, providing insights into yourself you likely hadn’t considered before— and how to make the most of those in your practice. Your truth will set you (and your business) free.

2 of 2:

Your Brand Integrity Guide (B.I.G.!)

The Mother of PDF Documents, Breaker of Branding strains, Queen of Embodied Queens… (GoT, anyone??)

Whether you're flying solo with contracted sidekicks, or if you're building out a team— this is the single most valuable resource you will ever use within your business, because it outlines in

plain language & data visualizations how to authentically replicate YOU.

Suddenly, scaling without sacrificing your magic is within reach.

We've learned that it's invaluable to see ourselves objectively and have our strategy down "on paper" so that we can leverage it to:

- Ignore entirely what other coaches are doing
(Stay in your own, brilliant lane)

- Custom-tailor your mentor's general guidance
(AKA amplify 10x the value you get from their offerings)

- Be impervious to trends
(You absolutely don't have to do TikTok dances or point at the air if you don't want to)

- Worry so much less about whether or not you "said it right."
(Your exquisite-fit audience will tune in and love it, regardless)

- Keep a fire extinguisher handy
(For when you want to burn your business down on a particularly hormonal Tuesday...)

You get the picture.

No more spinning. No more rebrands. No more starting over every time you pivot or create a new offer. Your BIG will be:

Built to support, welcome, & integrate your inevitable growth and evolution.

Your Strongest Future looks like brand continuity— Emboldened. Expressive. Embodied.

Your BIG will include:

Section 1:

Full-Suite Brand Foundations

Section 2:

Full-Suite Creative Foundations

Your Brand Foundations will clearly summarize:

  • Your Unique Force (+ examples of how to apply it in various areas of your business)
  • Your Mission
  • Your Purpose & Promise
  • Values "Board of Advisors
  • Brand Integrity Pillars
  • Exquisite Fit Audiences
  • Brand Personality Profile
  • Voice & Tone Guidelines

Your Creative Foundations will define in detail:

  • Your Unique Force (+ examples of how to apply it in different areas of your business)
  • Logo and Marks Guidelines
  • Psychology-based Color Palette
  • Backgrounds (Patterns, Textures, etc.)
  • Typography
  • Calls to Action + Button Styles
  • Motion Guidelines
  • Geometry (Shapes, Lines, Angles)

Never rebrand again.

Payment plans available if needed.
Not a new coach? We've got you Covered.

Your Strongest Future:

Brand Integrity Strategy & Design for Practicing Coaches

Walk away with palpable purpose, laser focus, and an embodied brand that’s distinctively yours— from foundations to aesthetics— and for the lifespan of your practice.

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One game-changing method, 3 Services

Everything We Offer:

Unique Force Method Essentials

Strongest Start

New Coach Intensive

Work with Dana to walk through the Unique Force Method to develop the most essential brand assets to get you off the ground.

While design assets are minimal with this option, we'll be laying the strongest possible foundation for your brand, for the entire lifespan of your practice.

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Unique Force Method Complete

Strongest Future

Practicing Coach Level-up

Work with Dana to walk through the Unique Force Method to propel your practice into your next stage of success.

We'll be laying the strongest possible foundation AND creative direction for your brand, for the entire lifespan of your practice.

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Unique Force Method At Play

Creative Studio

À la carte add-ons to any project

Our team of capable creatives is happy to dream up any and all assets you need— all based on your Unique Force report and Brand Integrity Guide.

Whatever supports your fullest expression, Day Studios can create OR Creative Direct it.

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Meet our Proud Founder:

Dana Spano

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"Forget about creating the perfect brand.
Focus instead on constantly infusing your brand with your unique humanity, and watch the magic happen."

— Dana Spano, founder of Day Studios